• Strengthen your pelvic floor and condition your core
  • Prepare your body for birth, accelerate recovery
  • Safe & smart prenatal pilates, cardio & strength training
  • Alignment & postural solutions for pregnancy
  • Prenatal exercises to alleviate backache, pelvic pain & hip pain


VIVA’s online prenatal exercise & nutrition program is designed to help all mums-to-be stay active and healthy during their pregnancy. You’ll improve your fitness whilst strengthening and toning key muscles to experience a complaint-free pregnancy, easier labour, and accelerated recovery.

Specifically designed with your changing body in mind, our program combines elements of Pilates, strength work and low impact cardio so you can begin your journey into motherhood, fit, healthy and strong!

Going beyond modifying workouts.
We target the unique exercise needs of a pregnant woman, starting with your core and pelvic floor. Offering the most effective and supportive full-body exercise adaptations to ensure you’re physically fit and prepared for birth, and able to recover quickly afterward.

You’re in a beautiful time of transition.
  • Your uterus is expanding
  • Your hormones are shifting
  • Your baby bump is growing

And in the midst of all these transitions, we’re here to help guide and support you!

VIVA’s comprehensive prenatal program is made up of 3 phases.
Each phase features a prenatal signature series of
4 x prenatal class types:

  • Full-Body
  • Lower Body & Core
  • Upper Body & Core
  • Cardio

Each phase includes 8 x prenatal workouts
designed to strengthen, tone and stretch the body.

Every class is unique - no workout is the same!

Meet Co-Founders


A dynamic duo with a shared vision to deliver a revolutionary Pilates experience. 10 years of friendship. 20 years of combined health & wellness experience. A life-long passion for Pilates.


Who should join this program?

  • Anyone who wants to shape, tone and build strength in their body without bulking up
  • Anyone looking for an effective (and enjoyable) exercise regime that fits into a busy, full schedule
  • Anyone who loves working out in a supportive and motivating atmosphere

Equipment you’ll need:

  • Every workout has a ‘non-equipment’ option so don’t fear if you have no gear at home
  • Optional use of booty bands
  • Optional use of dumbbells or two x cans around the house

You’ll get specific, lifetime workouts that target

  • Core Strength (abdominals)
  • Fat Burning
  • Muscle Toning
  • Booty Reshaping
  • Arm Sculpting
  • Waist Trimming & Toning
  • Cardio Optiminisation
  • Lengthening Limbs
  • Stretching your Body
  • ...and more!
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With this program, you will:

  • Tone and strengthen your body to create long, lean muscles in just 30 minutes a day
  • Use natural body weight and light weights to build muscle and improve bone density
  • Enjoy quick and effective workouts from the comfort and convenience of home
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Discover an exercise routine you genuinely love

You’ll receive:

  • A structured 30-day program - all content is pre-loaded for you.
  • 20 x unique, fun, effective workouts, 30 minutes each. A weekly program of full-body Pilates, HIIT + Pilates, full-body strength sessions, tum & toosh focused Pilates, Yoga + Pilates and stretch sessions.
  • Modifications and levels provided in each workout, to ensure you exercise safely
  • Lifetime access! The whole 20 to Tone program is yours to keep, to return to again and again. It’s an incredible resource to stay fit and fabulous for a lifetime, on your own terms.

+ Additional Resources:

  • A 30 Day Comprehensive Nutrition Guide
  • 30+ Healthy and Delicious Recipes
  • A 30 Day Workout Calendar
  • Shopping List of Recommended Foods
  • An Introduction to Pilates + 7 x Best Ab Exercises Guide

With VIVA’s 20 to Tone Program you’ll:

  • Workout for less time but achieve more results than ever before!
  • Boost your metabolism and energy levels
  • Reduce unhealthy body fat
  • Gain lean, defined muscles
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Improve your fitness levels for better health
  • Make wholesome, balanced meals
  • Calm your mind
  • Save loads of time, money and energy following a complete and holistic program
Watch from Anywhere!

Watch from Anywhere!

Stream the entire program anytime, anywhere. Save them for when you don't have WIFI and repeat as many times as you like.

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Program Reviews

I had purchased a dress 2 weeks prior to starting the challenge, it fitted fine but didn’t have a whole lot of room! When I finished 20 to Tone I put the dress on and it was really really obvious just how much more room there was! A whole size too big!!! Yippee!! Thank you, VIVA!


Prior to 20 to tone I already exercised every day, but have felt a different level of energy and as always with Pilates at Viva, I’ve enjoyed the constant variation, which you don’t get from the gym!


I’m feeling much stronger in my knees and general fitness." "I completed all 20 classes and have so much more energy!" "First program I've actually stuck to!"


Our VIVA Pregaicse Program is approved by top Women’s Health Physios. We recommend that you read our Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines before starting any form of exercise during pregnancy, and always consult with your healthcare practitioner. As long as you listen to your body and you stick to physical activities deemed safe for pregnancy, you should be able to stay active throughout your entire pregnancy which is great for you and your new baby.
If you have any questions about our pregnancy program, just send an email to us at getstarted@vivapilatesstudios.com.au and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Is this program suitable for me?

Once you have been cleared by a healthcare professional and feel comfortable exercising during your Pregnancy, this program caters for all levels of fitness. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate/advanced levels of Pilates or fitness-lovers. The program is specifically designed to cater for all stages of pregnancy so you can feel confident in the knowledge that everything you’re doing is safe for you and bub!
What if I’ve not done a lot of exercise before I fell pregnant?
Should I exercise if I have morning sickness?
What are the key exercise areas I need to work on in pregnancy?
What are the different types of classes offered in this program?
How does the subscription work?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Why should I do this program over others?
What is Pilates?

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