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About VIVA's BUMPACISE Program

VIVA’s online prenatal exercise & nutrition program is designed to help all mums-to-be stay active and healthy during their pregnancy. You’ll improve your fitness whilst strengthening and toning key muscles to experience a complaint-free pregnancy, easier labour, and accelerated recovery. 

Specifically designed with your changing body in mind, our program combines elements of Pilates, strength work and low impact cardio so you can begin your journey into motherhood, fit, healthy and strong!

With BUMPACISE you will:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor

  • Condition your core

  • Prepare your body for birth

  • Accelerate recovery

  • Follow safe & smart prenatal pilates, cardio & strength training

  • Improve alignment

  • Implement postural solutions for pregnancy

  • Experience a pain-free pregnancy

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VIVA’s comprehensive prenatal program is made up of 3 phases.  Each phase features a prenatal signature series of 4 x prenatal class types: Full-Body, Lower Body & Core, Upper Body & Core and Cardio. 30+ videos included - every workout is unique! Plus you’ll receive a nutrition guide created by Dieticians and Nutritionists, with loads of recipes, to nourish your body and baby.

Co-Founders Genevieve and Olivia will guide you through balanced workouts that will leave you feeling energised & ready to tackle the many wonders of a fitter pregnancy.

It's designed to work around your life, at every stage of your pregnancy, no matter your current fitness level.

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One-time payment with lifetime access. You'll also receive a VIVA Equipment Pack (gliding discs, Pilates ball, booty bands & travel bag) plus free global shipping.




  • VIVA Equipment Pack

  • 3 x Phase Program for all Trimesters

  • 3 x Monthly Workout Calendars

  • 24 Unique Prenatal Workouts

  • Pregnancy Safe Exercise Guide 

  • Nutrition Guide - Dietician Approved

  • 6 Education from Women’s Health Physio


Bumpacise offers the most effective and supportive full-body exercise adaptations to ensure you’re physically fit and prepared for birth, and able to recover quickly afterward.

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